Let’s talk about sex!

woman wearing white high top shoes

Photo by Dương Nhân on Pexels.com

You see it in music videos, you hear it in songs, you watch it in shows and movies, even on ads. But none of them show us what sex really is about!! I saw how TV shows, movies and lyrics equated love to sex.

Just to clarify, sex IS one piece of the equation, but it is not the only piece! And on its own it does not develop authentic love.

There is a misconception that Catholics believe sex is bad. But that is not true at all. I personally was raised believing that “sex is bad” – and that was the extent of the sex-ed I got. But that is not the Catholic doctrine!! The truth is God’s plan of love and sexuality is that it is a sacred gift.

Sex is the encounter between a man and a woman, through which they consume their marriage vows.

Sex is the ultimate language of one’s love to another because through that language one is saying to the other “I am giving my entire self to you: heart, mind, body and soul”.

Sex is a self-giving act. Through that language one is saying to the other “I accept and love your entire self: heart, mind, body and soul.”

Sex is also a life-giving act, because from that encounter a man and a woman’s love is made flesh, through the conception of a child.

But our current society normalises the hook up and porn culture that is arising, urging that “if it feels right, it IS right”. If you have a sexual attraction to a guy, that is chemistry, it’s fine to go for it if you want to. St JPII had something to say about that. He stated that sexual attraction is absolutely fine and human! And it is an absolute normal part of our humanity because it is the factor that guides us towards another person, which provides “a framework for authentic love to develop”. So pretty much, sexual attraction is the first step towards authentic love.

We were all created in the image and likeness of God, out of His love. We are all created for love, to love and to be loved. And our sexuality is our reminder of that exactly. Simon Carrington from Fire Up Ministries said:

“Our sexual desires are a gift from God: they are a reminder of our call to love one another. They are a reminder of our calling to give ourselves to one another entirely and wholly.”

So sex is not an equal to love. But what it truly is, sex is a sacred gift of God. It is a language spoken by a man and a woman who are in pursuit of giving each other authentic love.

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