Myunique’s Story

Hello, my name is Myunique and I used to struggle with pornography and masturbation.


What caused your struggle?

Back when I would guess between 11-13, I seen someone else watching pornography. At that time my mind was very young and curious, so I snuck and watched it, and since then it became a daily thing for me, even easier as I got older and had access myself.


How long have you struggled with this issue?

I’ve struggled with pornography and masturbation for about 12 (ish) years now.


What led you to your healing journey?

I know right from wrong, especially as I served in ministry. I knew watching porn and masturbating is not and was not of God. One day I seen a story posted on Fight The New Drug’s Facebook page, about a woman who had also struggled with porn and masturbating at an early age, however she did not care to change the issue, which resulted in struggles in her marriage for intimacy. I told myself and Jesus that I didn’t want to have that issue, nor did I want to be a slave to it anymore, and began praying for victory over the situation.


What were the obstacles you encountered in your healing journey?

I think no matter what the addiction/stronghold, we will always encounter obstacles. It’s a part of our daily lives, especially as a believer. I encounter obstacles probably everyday, just because we live in a generation where sex and sexuality are very publicized. I’ve had to unfollow people who have been friends for years, because they think its okay to post sexual images/gifs on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, etc., not realizing how triggering it can be for someone who is trying to come out or stay away from those kinds of things.


How are you doing now?

I am doing okay now! I mean, like anyone or anything else, I still find myself struggling; some days harder, but by the grace of God I get by, day by day. Sometimes I just have to remember to take it one day at a time, and be proud of myself.


What would you say to other women struggling with pornography and masturbation?

I try to speak heavily on women struggling with pornography, just because it’s viewed as a “guy thing” to society. And that’s not true, anything guys struggle with, girls do or can too. With pornography and masturbation, its really easy to feel like you are the only girl in the world dealing with this issue, but truth be told, its everywhere, all the time. You’re not alone in your struggles.

Myunique is a youth pastor in California. You can follow her journey as a beloved daughter of God on her instagram @instagramforbelievers

To hear her witness for yourself, watch her video on her Youtube channel.

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