Why do we pray to the Saints?

Happy All Saints’ Day!!

Today is a great opportunity to have a chat about saints.

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For a long time I didn’t understand what was the deal with Catholics praying to Saints. God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are the one we pray to, worship and glorify them in our every day lives, so what is the point of praying to Saints or even looking up to them?

This is the deal:

Saints are not gods (obviously). They were humans roaming about the earth just like us. Saints are the souls of the dead of those individuals who devoted their lives to an authentic, pure and loving relationship with God through the practice of virtue and their dedication to faith, hope and love. This is MY personal way of describing them. As Catholics, we call them Saints because of the faithful life they led on earth as Disciples of Christ that we believe has earned them a place in Heaven, to live face to face with God forever. At the very core of Sainthood and living in Heaven, it basically consists of a consistent loving unity with God.

What’s cool about Sainthood is that every single person that is brought into existence on this earth is called to that consistent and loving unity with God. Every single person on earth is called to live in Heaven! And to be able to live in Heaven – to that everlasting peace and happiness God promises for us – we need to grow in love with God daily. Hence why we look up to the Saints.

Saints have walked the same journey we are trying to embark on. They have gone through the struggle of fighting the vices promoted by their own culture and society, just like we are trying to do right now. They have consistently grown closer to God daily, practicing love through their faith and trust in Him. Now that they are in Heaven, we can look to their past lives as examples and ask for their intercession to help us in our own journey towards a closer relationship with God.

Just like we ask our own relatives and friends on earth to pray for us especially during times of difficulty, why wouldn’t we be able to turn to the Saints and ask them for their friendship and prayers? That is what the Communion of Saints consists of: the desire for all people to get to Heaven by praying and supporting each other.

So, in this special day, let’s ask all of the Saints for their help and intercession so we can become closer to God to live purity and chastity in our own lives.

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