UPDATE: Our New Developments for Talitha Ministries

Happy New Year to everyone!!

We’ve been really quiet in Talitha Ministries. Our blog posts have been paused for the Christmas holidays and our Instagram stories only started going again this week. You know, we all need a break from work every now and then, and we want to let you know that this week we have come back to work revitalised and with many a new ideas!

Last year was such an amazing start to this ministry:

  • In April we began our Instagram page, and we have up to 200+ followers supporting us.
  • We’ve had 3 amazing women share their story of healing on our blog.
  • We were invited to speak to a women’s group at University of Technology Sydney about authentic womanhood.

This would not have happened without all the women following and supporting Talitha Ministries and we thank you all!

We want to bring many more things to help you in your journey towards purity in these coming years! Here is what you can expect in 2019:

Media Detox online mini-course

Media Detox.png

At the end of last year we created a poll on our Instagram stories to see if you would be interested in an online program for a Media Detox. We received a lot of enthusiasm, so we are developing it and it will hopefully be completed and ready to go by mid-February (just in time for Lent).

Youtube Channel come back!

Screen Shot 2019-01-08 at 6.33.49 pm.png

Last year we started a Youtube Channel, but because of our re-branding and the workload, we had to halt its development. Now in this New Year, we are aiming to make a come back on Youtube by starting February with a 5-episode series on porn addiction.

1:1 coaching


Rosario, the founder of Talitha Ministries, completed a Diploma of Counselling at the beginning of last year and is currently undergoing a Holistic Life coaching diploma, in the hopes of bringing a holistic service for women struggling with sexual sin. We are hoping to open up service at around June/July this year.

To keep up to date with these new developments this year you can subscribe to our mailing list, as well as following our Instagram and Facebook page.

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