#LovevsLust: What’s wrong with sex?

What’s wrong with sex?

The only sex education I received was this one phrase: SEX IS BAD. But as I grew older and mature, learning about my Catholic faith from my own initiative I started realising that this was never what the Catholic Church was teaching about sex. I realised that there was a sacred meaning to sex that is taken for granted nowadays: That sex is the physical language between a married man and a woman where they communicate their love and complete union to each other, partaking in the creation of a new life with God.

💕 LOVE VS. LUST SERIES PLAYLIST | https://bit.ly/2SoiWaL

The Love vs. Lust Series is an educative series of 5-minute videos to give you clear and concise information that will help you distinguish love from lust by exploring sex, porn and masturbation, and how we can shift from lust to love in our own lives.

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