RD: Taking time off during Lent

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We have just begun the season of Lent and what a better time to rekindle our relationship with God than now! I decided that it was very important to take a break from content creation and spend the time of Lent dedicated to conversing with God and allowing Him to redirected my life intentions towards His Plan of Love (especially my intentions for Talitha Ministries).

The content created created in Talitha Ministries has the message of God’s Love, Mercy and Peace in mind, especially with a desire to help you to strive for purity, authenticity and healing. But as the sole worker for Talitha Ministries I can fall into the trap of pride:

Pride in becoming pure for the sole reason of being an example of purity

This may sound really weird, but this is the truth. Deep down in my heart I truly want to live a pure life and love through the virtue of chastity, but when you are running a chastity-based initiative you can get caught up with the thought that you need to be “perfect” in the virtue of purity in order to be a good leader. But this is not the reason why I should strive for purity! This is why I desire to have a bit more time alone with God during this Lent: so that I can remember my reason for living purity, to be a Saint and fulfil the vocation to Love for God and neighbour.

My purity should not rely on Talitha Ministries, but on my relationship with God. If my relationship with God is strong, then purity will become an established virtue in my life. As a consequence, the works done for Talitha Ministries will become more God-centred and aligned to how God truly wants me to lead the things for this ministry. Talitha Ministries should not be a work of mine, but a work from God. After all, its mission is the sharing of God’s Love and Mercy. And to be able to share in His Love and Mercy I need to experience it each and every day.

“We love because He loved us first”

1 John 4:19

By receiving God’s Love and Mercy into my own life, then I can truly love my neighbour fully.

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