Start Anew Each and Every Day!

An end of year blog post

Each day that passes I always remember the day that God brought my soul back to life: as the Gospel of Mark was being read on a Sunday mass, and Jesus uttered the words Talitha Kumi “little girl, arise!”. Maybe, just like me, you struggle with impurity and sexual sin. Maybe you struggle with a completely different vice. Nonetheless, this message applies to each and every one of us.

You were made in God’s image and likeness out of His Love for the purpose of Love. That means that each and every moment we are blessed with daily opportunities to start anew, no matter how many times we make mistakes, no matter how much we fail, no matter how often we fall over. Just like the synagogue leader’s daughter, Jesus takes every one of us by the hand and commands us to arise and live again.

As we are coming to the year’s end, I want to leave you with a last note on our 2019 theme: Start Anew.

How can we continually start anew each and every day? By cultivating prayer, self-knowledge and supportive friendships.

Cultivating Prayer

Prayer is the nurturing of our relationship with God, an intimate conversation with Him, between us, His children, and Him, our Father.

We are always affirmed in our identity in God, as His beloved daughters and in the unchanging dignity He has blessed us with. It is so important that even when we commit a sin we are still children of a Heavenly Father, who always waits for us to return to Him with full trust in His Mercy and with full humility in acknowledging our wrongs and also in thanking Him for the potential He has instilled in us in becoming the women He had made us to be.

Cultivate Self-Knowledge

Humility is at the core of self-knowledge. It is about being aware of both our strengths and weaknesses.

It is fully knowing and loving ourselves in the way that God knows us and loves us.

To grow in self-knowledge we can practice self-reflection with God (which can be done through journaling). This practice helps us to see where we are at and clarify our values. But if we do this self-reflection with God, we then allow Him to meet us where we are at in our healing journeys and also to be the centre of our values and life purpose.

Cultivating Supportive Friendships

We were created out of Love for Love Himself, in His image and likeness, and thus are called to belong to one another, to cultivate connections with those around us.

It is so important most especially in our healing journeys. We are all broken in some way or another. There is not one of us that doesn’t have any hurt, pain or struggle to bring to Jesus’s healing hands. This is why there is such a huge power in being vulnerable within our friendships and even more power when through that authenticity we help one another. Sometimes it can be difficult to share your own struggle with sexual sin and impurity. Here in Australia we have started an accountability support group online to begin a healing community for sisters in Christ to support each other in their healing journeys towards authentic love and pure sexuality.

Regardless of our past mistakes and the failures we commit even until now, RIGHT NOW is a new opportunity God has blessed us with to start anew, because even in our brokenness He still calls us His beloved daughters. So continue returning to Him every time you fall and never give up on your healing journey!

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