2020 Theme:Restore True Love

Media has over-sensationalised sexuality and has completely divorced it from its life-giving nature and authentic love. These days sex is equated to love; it has become the sole definition of love. If you have no sexual compatibility or attraction, then you are not loveable by this society’s standards.

Many of us who have been caught up by these messages about love and sexuality have suffered with an addiction to seeking the “love” that has been portrayed by the media, by watching porn, masturbating, fantasising, giving our bodies away to either one or multiple partners…

If you have come to this website, then you must be feeling tired, feeling downtrodden, from the sexual addictions that are slaving you away. You know that this way of living “love” is not working for you. It’s eating you up inside and leaving you feeling completely empty. You may have wondered… “maybe there’s something wrong with me”, “maybe I am just not good enough”, “if I was more sexually appealing, then maybe I would be worthy of love”

I was there too.

You are not alone.

We have been victims of the lies that the corruption of media and this society has been feeding us women: that our bodies are the only things that make us worthy of love.


The love we are seeking at this moment is not the same Love that we are truly yearning for deep in our hearts and souls.

This is the purpose of our theme for 2020: RESTORE TRUE LOVE. In order to heal from our sexual addictions – whether it is to pornography, masturbation or even sexual relations – we need to relearn the true definition of love and reclaim it into our lives.

We need to restore the Love God had created us with and had intended for us to live: a Love that is unconditional, pure and perfect. A Love that transforms and drives out fear! God Himself through His Son, Jesus Christ, demonstrated true love in the sacrifice of the Passion. If we are to truly reclaim Love in our lives, we need to be in Christ’s School of Love. Through His life we see the face of God’s Merciful Love and can imitate His example in our own lives.

We need to restore Love in our relationships with others, to see them not as objects of pleasure, but as people deserving of love: to relearn how to foster connections, to relearn how to cultivate our friendships with our sisters in Christ, to relearn how to respect our friendships with our brothers in Christ, to relearn how to nurture and appreciate our relationships with our family members… to relearn how to see our boyfriends/husbands or our future spouses (who we may have not met yet) as dignified men we are/or have prepared ourselves to give of our selves entirely.

We need to restore Love in our own bodies and souls to realise the wholeness of the gifts that we are in ourselves. We are called into union and communion not only with God, with others, but also in our own bodies and souls. Both our bodies and souls are precious in God’s eyes, and we need to see and love ourselves the way that God Himself sees and loves us, by taking care of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight and it is not about comparing each other’s journeys. The most important thing to remember is that the life you have been gifted with is uniquely yours, with its unique circumstances and with your own unique strengths and weaknesses. God has given you this life for you to fall in love with Him and experience the fullness of that Love in the joy of your own existence.

So to begin this season in our healing journeys, let’s start by pondering in the beauty of our own broken nature, to really redirect our scars and wounds towards God for Him to transform them this year into signs of His Merciful Love and use them as reminders of our calling of Love.

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