Advent 2018

Talitha Ministries invites you to join on our Advent prayer program:


Each year the liturgy of Advent is celebrated right before Christmas, revisiting the time of preparation for the coming of the Messiah. It is a time where we can be reminded of the gift of the word made flesh in Jesus Christ. And by coming amongst us, Jesus the Son of God called sinners, to healed suffering and brought us His Merciful Love.

Jesus offers His Merciful Love

Sometimes it truly is hard to remind our own selves of this. For how could a child so perfect and holy such as Jesus love broken souls such as ours? We are women who struggle with impurity, women who struggle through addiction, women who struggle through pride, women who struggle with lack of peace…

This is the truth:

“We are not the sum of our weaknesses and failures; we are the sum of the Father’s LOVE for us and our real capacity to become the image of His Son.” St John Paul II

Our weaknesses and failures do NOT define our identity. What truly defines us is God’s love. For our identity is in God, for He is the one who created each of us individually with our own unique strengths and talents, with our own unique personalities. He created us out of love and for love.

And so Advent is not only a time of preparation, but also a time for hope and spiritual renewal. It is a time where we can re-learn how to receive His Merciful Love with humility and hope.

A prayer program for spiritual renewal

Journey through Advent is a prayer program for spiritual renewal as we prepare ourselves for Christmas. This prayer program has been developed for women from any walks of life, but especially for the woman struggling with sexual sin. Whether she is struggling with habitual sex, masturbation, porn addiction or any other kind of sexual sin, Jesus still comes to give His Love to her.

By partaking on this prayer program, it is Talitha Ministries’ hope that women may grow in this knowledge of Jesus’ love for her and to grow in her interior life to renew her relationship with Jesus.


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There are 3 foundational pillars to this prayer program:

Infograph Advent

PRAYER: The program follows Mama Mary’s footsteps from the time of the Annunciation to the day of Christ’s birth. Each Advent week has a specific theme, which begins with a specific question to prepare our hearts and souls to receive Jesus into our hearts as the day of birth is nearing.

FASTING: During this journey, we will be fasting from social media. During his Advent season give up on at least 1 social media outlet you are used to engaging in (e.g. Facebook or Instagram). The reason we are making this fast is because social media can trigger porn addiction, and this advent season is a great opportunity to detach our selves from our devices and focus on the renewal of our relationship with Jesus instead.

CONFESSION: Preparation during Advent season will be nothing without confession. You will be provided with a purity-based examination of conscience that you are welcome to use. It sometimes is daunting to think about your own sins and weaknesses, but what you really are doing is reflecting on your interior life and how you can let Jesus’ Love enter that area of your life.


What are the hopes for this program?

The hope is that through this prayer program you will grow closer to Jesus Christ as the time of His birth comes near. The way to grow closer is to know Him, to get in touch with our nature – which is love -, and to learn how to receive Jesus’ Love with humility and hope.

It is so easy to think about our own shortcomings and fall into great discouragement and despair about our own unworthiness. But God did not create us for us to fall in the dumps. He created us out of love and for love. We were to be loved no matter what. But we need to let Him love us and we need to learn how to receive His Love.

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