Talitha Ministries aims to empower women struggling with lust, porn addiction, masturbation and sexual sin, to live a life of purity, authenticity and healing. One of the ways we want to bring this empowerment to women is by sharing the witness of true love and pure sexuality to young adults at university Catholic chaplaincies as well as at parish communities.

You can invite Rosario to speak at your chaplaincy or parish by visiting our contact page.

*note: only available in Australia & New Zealand at this moment in time.

Talk Topics

Porn: My Silent Struggle

(for men & women)

Rosario shares her personal witness to the silent struggle she faced: porn addiction. Through her story she sheds light to the fact that porn is not just a “guy issue” and that women can and do struggle with pornography. She shares how porn affected her own life: how it perverted the ideas of love and sex, changed her interactions with others and twisted her self-identity. She shares the means she used in order to find healing and recover from her porn addiction.