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Talk Topics

Porn: My Silent Struggle
(for everyone)

Rosario shares her personal witness to the silent struggle she faced: porn addiction. Through her story she sheds light to the fact that porn is not just a “guy issue” and that women can and do struggle wit pornography. She shares how porn affected her own life: how it perverted the ideas of love and sex, how it changed her interactions with others and how it twisted her self-identity. Rosario shares a message of love and mercy: that even through sin and weakness God never abandons us, always providing us with His Grace and the means to find our way back to healing.

The Gift of Womanhood
(for women)

two women sits on gray soil taken

Rosario shares her experiences of her struggle with purity and authentic womanhood in an over-sexualised society. She breaks down the way that porn has distorted the definition of womanhood, degrading it to women’s attractiveness and sexual performance. As this perverted perception of womanhood is seeping into our current culture and society, Rosario reminds us that women have more to offer to the world than their bodies. So she invites women to get to know themselves as God created them to be by embracing their own womanhood as the gift that it is.